Salem Witch Trials : Witchcraft Trials

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Salem Witch Trials Flaming sermons, bewitched girls, accusations being thrown here and there, and executions terrified colonists during the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials are well known, but they are not the first in America and are very small compared to other witch hunts. In 1648 Margaret Jones was hanged for witchcraft in Massachusetts (Brooks). In Europe 110,000 people were questioned during the 1300s to the 1700s, and 40,000 to 60,000 people were executed (New World Encyclopedia). The Salem witch trials took place in Salem Village, which is now called Danvers, Massachusetts. Salem was settled in 1626 by puritans, and not very long after separated into Salem Village and Salem Town. Salem Town was a seaport town and…show more content…
He said that the girls were bewitched, or in the “Evil Hand”. It is possible that Griggs could have been influenced to make this decision by reading Cotton Mather’s book, Memorable Providences Relating to Witchcraft and Possessions 1689 (New World Encyclopedia). Some people also believe that the girls were bewitched because they played with fortune-telling in the months before they became ill. For example, Betty and Abigail played a game that would show what their future husbands would look like, but instead they saw a coffin (Asirvatham). After the girls had fallen ill, many people were accused of bewitching the girls or being a fellow witch of the witch that was torturing them. One of the first witches accused was the girl’s servant, Tituba. She was a slave, and she said she loved the girls and would never hurt them, but later on she confessed to witchcraft. Not only did she confess, but she told about the Devil, how he tried to bribe her, how he made her torture the girls, and Tituba also named multiple other witches in the process. Interestingly, she was not executed, but was put in jail for 18 months and left with the person who paid her jail costs. Many people find it interesting that Tituba escaped without being executed, whereas many other witches were hung without much evidence, or any evidence at all for that matter. Multiple people said there should be
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