Salem Witch Trials and Thesis Statement

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The Crucible Essay Assignment For your essay on The Crucible, please write a five paragraph, analytical essay in which you respond to one of the following prompts. 1. Although The Crucible revolves around the Salem Witch Trials, it allows readers to examine many themes. Choose a theme from The Crucible and discuss how it is developed throughout the play. How does this theme reveal the play’s deeper meaning? 2. The Crucible is a play of conflicts. Analyze a major conflict from The Crucible. Discuss how specific characters play a role in this conflict as well as how it contributes to the meaning of the play. 3. Some of the characters in the play are blind to the truth. Choose three characters and discuss why they are blind to…show more content…
You should choose a topic and write a working thesis statement tonight. Topics and thesis statements will be collected Thursday, November 4 for approval. The Introduction Your introduction should move from general information to very specific information. You should imagine familiarizing the reader with: 1.) the title and author 2.) some information about the text 3.) your topic 4.) your thesis and three examples. Be sure to include: 1. A strong opening statement General 2. An establishment of the author and novel 3. An establishment of your topic More Specific 4. Your thesis statement and three examples 5. A transition into the body paragraphs Very Specific Move through this set of information in this order. This will give your introduction the appropriate set-up and flow. Example: Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, is wonderful example of how mass hysteria can spread throughout a small community. The setting of the play is Salem, Massachusetts in 1692 during the infamous Witch Trials. Miller uses these trials and the way they impacted the Salem community as a parallel to the Red Scare of the 1950s. Both time periods show the effect corrupt authorities can have on the lives of others. The author’s most striking commentary is on the role
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