Salem Witchcraft Trials : The Salem Witch Trials

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Jaida Christensen Mrs. Gilman 7-8 Advanced LA 4 May 2015 Salem Witchcraft Trials The Salem Witch Trials took place in colonial Massachusetts within modern day town Danvers and continued from sixteen ninety-two to sixteen ninety-three. The “Witchcraft Craze” rippled throughout Europe and included the events at Salem Village. This craze lasted from the thirteen hundreds to the sixteen hundreds and was caused by many religious reasons. More than two hundred people were accused of witchcraft, the “devil’s magic,” and twenty were executed in Salem Town. Overall tens of thousands of accused witches and warlocks were executed. The colony admitted the trials were a mistake and were a combination of paranoia and injustice. In sixteen eighty-nine, what is now known as the King William’s War destroyed Upstate New York, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. Refugees from the war were sent to the colonies, mostly Salem Village. All of the displaced people in the small town put a burden on the town’s resources. Many conflicts appeared all while a new Governor was voted for, Governor Phipps. Many townspeople disliked the new Governor and the citizens continued to fight. Villagers who lived the Puritan lifestyle believed the Devil had caused all of the recent bickering. The minister’s daughter began having fits and the doctors blamed this on the supernatural. There were three women who were accused and interrogated. Two out of the three pleaded innocence while the third admitted to contact with the
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