Sales Behavior and Sales Success

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SPIN SELLING by: Neil Rackham

Sales Behavior and Sales Success
Successful Salespeople are…
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Not better closers Not better at handling objections Not better at using open ended questions

Many beleive the 3 key components to a sales pitch are: 1. Uncover needs with open and closed questions. 2. Overcome objections. 3. Close for the business. Huthwaite (Rackham’s research company) found through 10 yrs of research that the methods listed above are:

Good for low-value sales

According to Rackham, Top salespeople are using a POWERFUL PROBING INVESTIGATION STRATEGY to achieve their success.

Success in the Larger Sale
Traditional (not
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Inexperienced sellers generally don’t ask enough. 3. Implication Questions. ~ Take a problem question and explore it’s effects or consequences. Very important. 4. Need-payoff Questions. ~ Get the customer to tell you the benefits that your solution could offer.
The SPIN Model

This is not a rigid sequence. However it is generally true that Situation Questions are asked early in the call and all other types of questions follow.

Obtaining Commitment: Closing the Sale
Huthwaite research shows that success in the major sale depends more on how the Investigating stage of the call is handled. So why is everyone so enthralled with Closing? In this chapter Rackham asks the following questions: 1. How many of these closing techniques actually work? 2. In larger sales, how do such factors as price and buyer sophistication influence the success of closing?

What is Closing?
Huthwaite’s definition of Closing: A behavior used by the seller which implies or invites a commitment, so that the buyer’s next statement accepts or denies commitment.

The Consensus on Closing
The consensus among writers on selling seems to be this:

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Closing techniques are strongly related to success. You should use many types of closes. You should close frequently during the call.

Starting the Research
Rackham started his research into closing in the late 1960s. Talking with Salespeople Rackham found that salespeople
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Talked about closing on
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