Sales Class : Bus 171 Final Paper Essay

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Sales Class: Bus 171 Final Paper Honestly, I really did not think I would learn much from this class. I have been in different sales ventures many times in my life. In my life I have taken different sales jobs to supplement my husband’s income. Most of these jobs were doing home parties. I sold Mary Kay cosmetics, Aloette cosmetics, and House of Lloyd collectibles just to name a few. I thought I knew a lot about sales, I was wrong. During this class I learned why many of those sales ventures did not work out for me. First, I did not even have a goal except to sell. I basically thought the products would sell themselves. I can’t help but think to myself if I would have taken a class in sales twenty years ago; I could have achieved so much more. Many of the sales techniques in this class would have helped me be a better sales person. I could have used: Planning a sales call as chapter 7 teaches us to pre-approach plan. I would have had my own sales presentation, instead of just the company plans. I would have known about trial closing a prospective customer. With the information in this class I think I could have closed many more of my sales. I also would have followed up with my customers and built relationships. Doing the journal entries was a fun part of this class. Every time I went to a store or restaurant it was like an adventure to find sales people that fit with the week’s chapter. I learned something new and

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