Sales Ethics Is an Oxymoron

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Is Sales-Ethics an Oxymoron? Globalization highlighted the ethical issues and concerns for every individual organization, multinational organizational conduct their operations under ethical code of conduct to confine the issues faced by unethical conducts. Many organizations such as pharmaceutical firms, technological firms and financial firms pay more attentions to ethical behavior to ensure the sales to consumers have been impeccably ethical. However managers pay attention to behavioral ethical conducts that ensure the professional attitude of sales force towards consumers/customers (Chen & Tang, 2006, 69). Recent unethical conducts by Enron and WorldCom highlighted the attention for sales and ethical behavior, because unethical…show more content…
Teven and Winters, (2007, 10), also indicated that sales representatives some time use non-verbal cues to close sale, because some time non-verbal cues can be more effective than verbal cues. Sales ethics is not a term that we can’t join together but however on the other hand it difficult to be ethical in sales, business pays more attention to sales ethics because it has serious consequence on code of conduct of business. Moreover enormous organization induce small organization and supplier as well as consumer to shape up the relation, or directly and indirectly shape up the sales-ethics as they required more feasible to them. One way or another it can be concluded that “business ethics” and “sales ethics” is an oxymoron because one term have influence on other; one term contradicts with other in many ways. Business however doesn’t exist in vacuum, so there could be many factors affecting the business activity, which directly or indirectly shape up the ethical code of conduct. Normally salesperson touches every single point to confirm the sales deal without considering the ethics because being ethical in business could be much expensive time to time. Paine et al, (2005) suggested that employees often pressurized due to targets and sales graph, for that they normally go against the
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