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Coming out of the first year of the merger, what new opportunities should the new “Defining Entity” pursue in order to grow business?

EDS Market Strengths ➢ Heath care ➢ Insurance ➢ Communications ➢ Electronics ➢ Aerospace ➢ Defense industries

A.T. Kearney Market Strengths ➢ Manufacturing ➢ Consumer products ➢ Transportation ➢ Chemical pharmaceuticals

Combined Strengths ➢ Automotive ➢ Financial services ➢ Energy ➢ Retail

When companies combine/merge the whole objective is to gain new opportunities, gain market share, grow the business, to become more innovative and to improve product offerings, utilizing/sharing the existing resources and data. From the case
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I would then break them into territories two by two, manager to manager, bringing the other to customer meetings not only selling their original piece but the whole concept of our combined solutions. Utilizing the expertise of the other to gain the customers loyalty and commitment that we are the best company that can offer you more bang for you buck.

EDS acquired “one of the world’s largest and most respected global management consulting firms” (pg 524). This is on A.T. Kearney’s website “ A.T. Kearney is a global team of forward-thinking, collaborative partners that delivers immediate, meaningful results and a long-term transformational advantage to our clients and colleagues. Since 1926, we have been trusted advisors on CEO-agenda issues to the world’s leading organizations across all major industries and sectors.” It would be an epic failure for both companies if EDS and A. T. Kearney could not make this merger work.

What sales management implications would the new “Defining Entity” face in getting the sales job done? As with every new merger, comes the combining of what the case referrers to as ego’s or individual company cultures. EDS has more international business then A. T. Kearney trying to merge on an international level would defiantly create several roadblocks. What maybe acceptable in one company, of course may not be

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