Sales Force Automation

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Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation is a relatively new technology that uses computer software or web-based systems to help handle the responsibilities of the sales force such as ordering, control of inventory and customer relations. In fact, sales force automation and customer relationship management are terms that are used often with little or no distinction between the two. Using sales force automation can be a great asset to a company if it is managed correctly and executives get employees comfortable with the idea. In the technology filled world of today, most companies could use some form of sales force automation and whether executives of these companies know it or not, their company is moving in the direction of
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Instead members would employ their web-enabled PDA or other similar wireless unit to access¡¦s website where they can then enter a user name and password to access and update the customer record in the database in real time, during their meeting with the customer. Although this is a description of¡¦s approach to browser-based sales force automation, the same sort of procedure is used with its rivals within the online sales force automation arena.

Sales Force Automation technology, although simplistic, is important in today¡¦s business world. Today¡¦s world is only becoming more and more competitive and globalization is only increasing this competitiveness. The company with the most effective, productive sales force in any industry is going to do well. Currently, companies are focus on being the best at providing their product to their customers. Every CEO knows that unless they continue to improve their selling process and especially their customer service, their company will lose all but the most loyal of their customers to the competition. By implementing sales force automation within their companies, CEOs are making a bid to stay at the top of their industries and stay competitive. One of the main focuses of sales force automation is to allow companies to tailor their service to each of their customers so they can serve them better than one of their competitors could.

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