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If the employees refuse to learn the new system, inertia will occur. Inertia is a natural preference that one likes to do, and will continue what they like to do to avoid learning new methods and procedures (Jones, Sundaram and Chin 2002, 145).

Sales Force Automation is a computerised program that sometimes requires other external technology for it to be able to function properly, such as the internet connection and telephone line. However, phone lines are not firm controllable and if the phone line accidentally gets disrupted by any other uncontrollable third party such as bad weather condition, and accidents, SFA then will not function properly and it can be frustrating for the sales force (Bush, Moore and Rocco 2005). Internet has similar effect with phone lines, it’s dependant on outside source to control the technology. The salespeople has to be made aware of these issues, if they are unaware about the process changes, technology that does not help enable this change will become hopeless and expect for failure (Bush, Moore and Rocco 2005). In the other hand, if the salespeople are made aware of this issue, there should be no problem maintaining the good relationship between the stakeholders and the firm, through a good communication as they are showing an effort to preserve the relationship between the salespeople and the customer.

With the Sales Force Automation system, salespeople may feel less job security (Hair et al. 2008). This
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