Sales Management Interview Questions

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Chapter 6 Sale Force Structure 1. How many sales force in your organization? 2. What structure does your company use? Why? 3. How does this structure work? 4. Which part of the structure does the company most focus on? 5. What are the advantages of this structure to the company? 6. What are the disadvantages of this structure to the company? 7. What types of sales force organization structures does your company apply? 8. How do you divided your team? What regulations you use? 9. How does you manage your subordinates? Do you give power to them to make decision or you make all decision by yourself? Why? 10. According to your organization policy, your subordinates respond and cooperate with your organization? How? 11. How your staffs…show more content…
- Would you consider hiring outside specialist? Why or why not? คุณมีคิดว่าจะจ้างคนจากข้างนอกมาฝึกสอนพนักงานของคุณหรือไม่?ถ้าใช้เพราะอะไรถ้าไม่เพราะอะไร? 11. What are the expenses that your company need to pay in training program? 12. What is the main method that your company uses to train salesperson in sale training? Role-playing, CD, or Internet.

อะไรคือวิธีหลักที่บริษัทใช้ในการฝึกพนักงานขายในช่องการฝึกซ้อม? แสดง, ซีดี, อินเตอเน็ต 13. Why do you use that method? ทําไมคุณถึงใช้วิธีนั้น? 14. Is the training method you use effective? How? แล้ววิธีที่ที่คุณเลือกมีประสิทธิภาพมากแค่ไหน? เพราะอย่างไร 15. Overall, how does your company evaluate the results of training program? Please specify in details. บริษัทของคุณใช้อะไรเป็นตัววัดประเมินผลของโปรแกรมการฝึก? และขอทราบรายละเอียดด้วย? 16. After training, how do you evaluate sales people’s satisfaction with the training? 17. What are the steps that your company takes in follow-up training? 18. How many times per year do you have follow-up training? 19. Is follow-up training successful? Why or why not? 20. After training, how do you know that sales people receive more knowledge, improve their skills, or change attitudes according to the objective of training? 21. How do you know that sales people apply knowledge and skills that they learn from training on their job? 22. Does training increase performance of sales force?

1. 2.

If yes, why? If no, why do you think so?

23. What are the benefits your
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