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Running Head: SALES MANAGEMENT Sales Management Sales management is accomplishment of an organization's goals related with its sales in an effective and proficient manner through different management techniques like planning, hiring, training, motivating & supervising. The process of sales management is a four phase model and it is substantial for organizations in planning their sales process (Calvin, 2004). However, sales management is related with the procedure of promoting customers to exchange their funds for specific goods and services but it also include various other activities in which one that is most significant is adoption of different methods and techniques to optimize sales personnel performance…show more content…
By making use of sales reports, the company easily conveys its target to all its employees and this in turn assist them to maintain their efforts in the direction of attaining specific sales objectives and targets. Preparation of Sales Reports In IBM, sales reports are prepared by company senior Sales Managers and Sales Leadership Team. They prepare report by analyzing sales in terms of both aspects that how sales reports are related with the entire enterprise like different departments and how well it can help in executing daily targets with different sale techniques and tools (Chaos to Cadence: Transforming Sales Organizations to Win in the Global Economy, 2009). By preparing sales reports with appropriate analyses, assist company in creating a sense of integration among its sales reports and all-inclusive sales plans. This effective preparation of sales report conveys everyone with the ultimate sales goals and plans of the company along with effective and essential techniques. Affect of Technology The company’s sales management process is highly affected by technology and it can be exhibited by its use of different software’s and internet for managing sales and sales workforce. In addition to this from time to time the company management also make changes in its use of technology related with sales management so that sales people can attain advantage of advanced technology and maximize their performance (Honeycutt, Ford

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