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ashworth college | BM410: Sales Management & Practices | Assignment 08 | | Wayne Clough | 7/16/2013 | | Wayne Clough Student Number: AC1302019 BM410: Sales Management & Practices Assignment 08: 1. I would like to start off my paper by briefly describing the criteria identified for assessing salespersons effectiveness, and how the sales managers ally these criteria to the sales performance evaluations. The three criteria that are used include; outcome based measures, professional development measures and behavior based measures. The first of these is outcome based measures and this criterion has a few means as to which one can measure effectiveness. We can measure this though the sales results by using…show more content…
The first mentioned one is that of activity quota. These include activities that a salesperson needs to perform regarding sales and these may include; making calls or sending e-mails to potential clients. This quota is in place to ensure that the salesperson is making an effort to attract new clientele. The second one that is mentioned is that of financial quotas. This includes an expense quota this includes a budgeted amount allocated to the salesperson with making sales in a specific area, this is used as a cost control measure by sales. It also includes the profit quotas, which includes in it the gross margin quota, the contribution margin quota and the net profit quota. This can either be set for a salesperson, a branch or a group of products. The third mentioned quota is that of combination quotas. Companies which are not happy with any one of the quota usually combine two or more of this quotas. This seeks to use the strengths of several types of quotas. The fourth of the mentioned quotas is that of sales volume quotas. This quota may be established for a certain area, a product line, a customer or any combination of these. It is more effective to set a monthly or quarterly quota than an annual one. 3 I am going to discuss the key features of a 360 degree performance appraisal. Some of the key features are that it measures are; * Specific
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