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Strategic Alignment Worksheet: Sales and Marketing



Use this Strategic Alignment Worksheet (SAW) to help you complete the sections listed below. As you progress through the course, you will be instructed to complete and submit section(s) of the SAW. Once you have all of the sections completed, you are to incorporate the sections into the larger Atha Execution Plan, which is your final project deliverable (to be submitted in Unit 5).

Sections of the SAW

* Goals and Activities (Unit 2) * Interview Questions (Unit 3) * Department Purpose Statements (Unit 4) * Performance Standards (Unit 4)

Checklist for Sales and Marketing Area

Mary Atha, CEO, has provided this checklist of overall
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| How will this achieve the goal? | What is the achievement deadline? | Determine award levels and associated rewards | Establishes reward criteria for high-achieving sales personnel | Q3 2014 | Book location and plan event | Determines location and event information | Q3 2014 | Select qualified sales personnel and send invitations | Determines qualified high achievers | Q4 2014 | | | | | 1.7 Remodel and update sales and marketing work area | What are the supporting activities? | How will this achieve the goal? | What is the achievement deadline? | Determine overall scope of work and budget | Establishes design of new space and budget requirements | Q3 2014 | Prepare and submit RFPs to selected vendors/contractors | Ensures that consistent construction and design standards are established | Q3 2014 | Award contract(s) and begin work | Achieves goal of creating new space for department | Q4 2014 | | | | |

2.0 Interview Questions. Write interview questions for the sales and marketing area. Submit this section in Unit 3. Add more rows if needed.

Interview question | Rationale for including this question | 2.1. Describe how you have leveraged your creativity to be successful in winning

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