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Sales: Sales are the units sales times the unit prices. These were because of the decisions made to have moderate production units and inventory that gave advantage of sales to our customers and even those of the competitors when they stocked out before the end of the year without having excess inventories. Andrews had sales volume increase in 2022, 2023, and 2024 as $203,475,173, $233,975,783, and $269,095,481, respectively. Relatively with the top competitor, Baldwin had $223,590,908, $444,898,919, and $242,259,180 in the corresponding years as Andrews. Andrews made more revenue from sales in 2024 against Baldwin with almost 10 % higher than Baldwin but Baldwin had more sales volume in 2022 and 2023 the sales volumes of…show more content…
D2. Financial standing Analysis The financial standing analysis is concerned with the analytical tools for the general purpose of financial statements and the related data for business decisions making in the competition rounds (Wild, & Shaw, 2010).The statement is specifically to analyze Andrews’ specific decisions in three rounds starting from rounds six through eight and comparing them with one of the competitors using Baldwin Company. The purpose of this analysis and comparison are to assist in strategically for information to internally improve efficiency and effectiveness in the simulation. The shareholders, the creditors and government are interested in seeing the financial statement of any company. The analysis comprises cash flow, balance sheet, income statement, and current ratio analyses. Cash flow statement This is the statement of the movement of cash through the Andrews sensor company within 2024 end of the year. This involves operations, investments and financing activities, (Capstone team member guide, 2016). Looking at the annual report, cash flow and outflow change between 2022 - 2024 end of the year. This follows the cash flow from operating activities, cash flow from investing activities, and cash flow from financing activities within 2022-2024 out of the eight rounds for Andrews. From Andrews’ cash flow in Rounds 0 through 8, showed changes in closing cash positions
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