Sales Process For Real Estate Transactions

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Sales Process for Real Estate Transaction The real estate agents have the duty and the responsibility to represent clients throughout the sales process. Agents plays significant roles such as managing lists of contacts, advising clients on mortgages, pricing and market conditions, guiding buyers and sellers through the transaction process, generating lists of appropriate properties for buyers, mediating negotiations between sellers and buyers among others. In this paper, we focus on the sales process from contract to closing, criteria for a successful transaction from the buyer and seller’s perspectives, and how to resolve problems as they rise.
Methods and Process of How to Obtain a Database of Potential Customers One method is the Sphere of Influence. Sphere of Influence model helps to build contacts and generate leads in real estate. It is a networking strategy that centers on creating real estate leads through the people that the agent already knows. This includes the agent’s family, business associates, friends, sports team members, classmates and even vendors. The agent, in this case, has to keep track of all the contact and name information in one place, for instance, in a spreadsheet program excel, email contacts database, or any commercial software. After the agent establishes the Sphere of Influence database, it will be quite easy to add contacts as he or she meets people at various community events, or any other means. An agent that has more people on the list…

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