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Consumer Behavior MBA Sem. – III IMP Questions Unit I 1. Describe the interrelationship between consumer behavior and marketing concept. (what is marketing and societal marketing concept, embracing the marketing concept and segmentation, targeting and positioning) 2. Describe the interrelationship between marketing research, market segmentation and targeting and the development of the marketing mix for a manufacture of mobile phone. (embracing the marketing concept, utilizing the concepts of segmentation-targeting-positioning and marketing mix.) 3. Explain the interrelation between customer value, satisfaction, trust and retention. Also explain why customer retention is essential? 4. Explain the difference between…show more content…
Explain demographic and psychographic segmentation and give examples. Read online articles and for combining geographic and psychographic segmentation. Think about some examples) 19. Discuss consumption specific segmentation with appropriate examples. (page 71) 20. How can a marketer for a chain of health clubs use the VALS segmentation profiles to develop an advertising campaign? Which segments should be targeted? How should the health club be positioned to each of these segments? (Answer should be based on VALS model page no. 66) Unit II 21. Discuss the statement “marketers don’t create needs; needs preexist marketers.” Can marketing efforts change consumers’ needs? Why or why not? Can they arouse consumer needs? If yes, how? (discuss the introductory paragraphs of the chapter.) 22. Consumers have both innate and acquired needs. Give examples of each kind of need and show how the same purchase can serve to fulfill either or both kind of needs. 23. Why are consumers’ needs and goals constantly changing? What factors influence the formation of new goals? 24. Explain the model of motivation process. 25. Explain needs and goals and interdependence of needs and goals. 26. Explain different kinds of defense mechanism. 27. Write a note on motivational
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