Sales Promotion Tools Are The Lifeblood Of Marketing Products

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Sales promotion tools are the lifeblood of marketing products/services to consumers. Without them, people would not be as likely to purchase every new fad that comes their way, and corporations would be wasting their money on products people were nervous to buy. For example, if you were used to using one particular type of cat food because you know your cat enjoys eating it, how likely would you be to switch the food? Probably not very likely, due to the fact that you had already looked at the nutrition facts, the price, and the seafood taste that cats are sure to love. Now, what if you received a ten dollar off coupon (for cat food that only costs twelve dollars). What would you do? Would you reconsider the food you were going to buy that week because of this coupon? Maybe the new food is just as good now that you are really thinking about it, and it only is going to cost a total of two dollars, so no harm done if you go ahead and make the purchase. This is exactly what a good sales promotion does to consumers, it makes them take a second look at their buying choices, and hopefully convinces them that it would be a good idea to try their product. I live in the United States, and the three most heavily used sales promotions are contests, loyalty programs, and sponsorships. Who doesn’t love a chance to win something free- I know I do! Contests give you a chance to win a product that you would like to have, but possibly cannot afford, or you just like the idea of…
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