Sales and Carbon Dioxide Essay examples

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Dracca became aware that one of its competitors, TrendBaby, Inc., was soliciting information from one of Dracca’s employees, Bob Shumaster. Shumaster was apparently detailing product assembly information that was unique to Dracca and explaining to TrendBaby how this assembly strategy saved Dracca thousands of dollars each month. Dracca discovered that TrendBaby actually hired Shumaster to provide this information, and that Shumaster was using Dracca company computers to relay the proprietary information to TrendBaby via email. Meanwhile, Sally May, a sales representative for Dracca ran into her neighbor who is a sales representative from one of Dracca’s competitors. May is friendly with her neighbor, and drives her children to school each…show more content…
Carbon dioxide was part of the plant’s emissions. The Philadelphia plant met local guidelines for carbon dioxide emissions, but it exceeded recommendations set forth by the federal government for carbon dioxide output in a calendar year. In light of these facts, please respond to the following questions using course material and credible outside research to support your findings. Please submit findings in a three- to five-paper, following APA guidelines. * Did Shumaster commit any criminal acts? Does TrendBaby have any liability related to Shumaster’s action? Why or why not? Rely on legal principles from this week’s reading to support your conclusion. * Would the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act apply to Shumaster’s use of Dracca’s computer to email misappropriated trade secrets to a competitor? Rely on legal principles and case law from this week’s reading to support your conclusion. * Is it ethical for May to have a conversation with her neighbor about Dracca’s new sales promotion? What factors should May consider in making her decision? * Can consumers of Dracca’s new cribs sue for false advertising? What factors would the court consider in evaluating a case for deceit under the circumstances? * Has Dracca committed secondary line discrimination in its varied pricing of the cribs? What factors would a court consider in this type of analysis under the Robinson-Patman Act? * Is Dracca in violation of any
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