Sales and Ethics

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Memorandum To: From: Date: December 2, 2014 RE: Ethics and Sales Assignment This memo concerns my ethics and sales assignment for ABM 222. In this memo I will discuss the importance of ethics in a sales role. I will also discuss when stretching the truth is acceptable or not and the different ways I would react to unethical practices. • I believe that ethics can exist in a commission only bases sales position. Not only does business ethics exist in a commission based sales position, I think it is very important. The way a sales representative makes money is a commission-based position is through their sales. Without the customers purchasing from them, they have no income. Ethics is very important in this position because…show more content…
It may be hard in certain circumstances to not stretch the truth, but I think it shouldn’t happen. There is a lot of risk involved with stretching the truth. When speaking with a customer, a sales person should be honest with the things they are guaranteeing the customer. If a customer were to ask for something that I am not entirely sure my company or me can complete I think it is best to be honest. You can tell the customer, “I am not 100% sure about your question at the moment. I will absolutely check with my boss and get back to you.” Not only are you making sure the customer is getting what they want, but you are being honest in the process. If I were to tell the customer that I could do something for them, when in fact I can’t I could lose the trust of the customer, which in turn will lose business. Another thing that I thought about is the fact that sometimes lies play off of each other. I think stretching the truth and lying are very related. If a sales representative were to stretch the truth and potentially lie to a customer it could cause a ripple effect that continues with lies because the sales representative can’t uphold the first lie they made. In any situation, it is ethical to be honest. • If I were offered a business deal that violated common business ethics I would first assess the situation and look at the reasons that the offer is unethical. Once I analyzed the situation I would address
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