Sales and Marketing Strategies of Wyndham Hotel: Case Study

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Hotel Business Strategies Name Wyndham Hotel Business Strategies Introduction Over the periods, hoteliers and other business investors have devised strategies to evade failure and success comes through by examining the existing business strategies. Construction or formulation of business strategies is a process that involves critical thinking on the business organization's plans. Automation of business processes has in the recent times been a priority to many business organizations while establishing a presumably strong foundation for business strategies. Information technology has progressively contributed largely in decision making processes within and without the business organizations. Promotion and Design Wyndham Hotel just like any other hotel facility seems to be the same as the many offering identical in the business market; the hotel has to find a means to differentiate from competitors. Promotion and design will play a vital role in this context. Products offered by a hotel will come in forms like goods, ideas, services or a combination of any of the mentioned concepts. Idea as a concept itself is particularly valuable in developing a new product. Promotion of a new product can help distinguish it from similar models in the market as it creates increased demand. The ever increasing product promotion boosts the hotel's value as well as that of its products. Objectives As an independent hospitality organization, Wyndham Resort should be transformed into an

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