Salesforce Case Study: Cloud Services Go Mainstream

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INFO 1400 Developing a Web Site Privacy Policy Dirt Bikes’s management wants to make sure it has policies and g p procedures in place to protect the privacy of visitors to its Web site. You have been asked to develop Dirt Bikes’s Web site privacy policy. The TRUSTe Web it t URL Th TRUST W b site at h M d l P i t t has Model Privacy Disclosures in its Privacy Resources that you can download and review to help you draft Dirt Bikes’s privacy policy. You can also examine specific companies’ privacy policies by companies searching for Web site privacy policies on Yahoo!, Google or another search engine. Prepare a report for management that addresses the following g g issues shown on the following slides: Koffka Khan…show more content…
While P3P works only on sites that support it, it is capable of giving site visitors more control over the use of their personal information information. Giving site visitors such control will certainly enable some people who have privacy concerns to explore DB’s site and perhaps become a DB purchaser. DB management must realize that it has to have a long range perspective on its success because DB’s bike must be of high quality and last for years, and must draw customers back to purchase again after a number of years, and it must also inspire them to help promote DB’s bikes to family friends and DB s family, acquaintances. 1-5 1-6 Running Case Solution 5. Should Dirt Bikes adopt an “opt-in” or “opt-out” model of informed consent? 6. Running Case Solution Include in your report a draft privacy statement for the Dirt Bikes Web site. You can use the TRUSTe model privacy statement as a guideline if you wish. Obviously the “opt-in” approach puts more power in the hands of site visitors and therefore does not enable DB to collect as much information. DB would have to make the choice between collecting more information and having some visitors not being happy with the policy choice, or collecting less information but leaving more of its visitors happ to ha e been there isitors happy have there. 1-7 The TRUSTe Web site ( is a good place to obtain information and a model privacy statement. Th privacy statements th i f ti d d l i t

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