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"History", "Current Situation" and "Global footprint”: -

CEO Marc Benioff founded Originally’s goal was to provide customer relationship management (CRM) software that was delivered over the Internet (cloud computing), and clients would no longer need to purchase servers, network infrastructure, install software. All they would need is an internet connection in a web browser. Back in 1999 when was founded, it was a pretty radical departure from the traditional client –server model. Especially from business software to delivery model, commonly known as software services and part of cloud computing, for which Salesforce is widely recognized as an Industry leader.

Salesforce started as a CRM company and evolved into much more over time. A CRM system is used to manage organizations interactions like phone calls, emails, meetings and even social media, both with customers and prospects. The focus of these interactions often includes, but is not limited to sales, marketing, and support. When a sales rep closes a deal or a support agent receives a call, these are the types of activities that you would expect to record in CRM software. The goals of CRM implementations may vary depending on the organizations, but there are few common themes; increased sales, increased communication, especially among different departments, decrease operating costs and streamlining business

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