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Case 15 SaleSoft, Inc. (A) Synopsis Greg Miller and Bill Tanner, Executive Vice President and CFO, founded SaleSoft in July 1993 with the objective of marketing PROCEED, a Comprehensive Sales Automation System (CSAS). While PROCEED had received very favorable responses from prospects, converting interest to actual sales was taking a long time with only five PROCEED systems having been sold to-date. In September 1995, with limited funds and the need to show performance before seeking additional venture capital, Gregory Miller, the president and CEO of SaleSoft, and William Tanner, the executive vice president and CFO, now need to decide the future course of action for their company. They are faced with the question of…show more content…
3. Understanding sales and marketing issues faced by a start-up operating in an embryonic market by comparing/contrasting approaches required to sell products of varying complexity. 4. Exploring the role of a vendor's organizational structure in defining its ability to implement marketing strategy. 5. Understanding the role of automation in linking sales, marketing, and service functions in a firm. Recommended Readings • Major Sales: Who Really Does the Buying? – HBR-82305 • Automation to Boost Sales & Marketing – HBR 89105 Teaching Questions 1. What is your plan? Do you plan to continue with PROCEED or will you introduce the TH product? Provide support for your plan. 2. What is the buying cycle for PROCEED? Who are the people involved in the purchase of a CSAS solution? What is the role of consultants? 3. What is SaleSoft’s current approach to selling PROCEED? 4. Quantity the benefits of CSAS to a customer using the information given in Exhibit 7. 5. What value does TH provide a customer? How is this different form the customer value delivered by PROCEED? 6. What is a Trojan Horse? How does it facilitate customer acquisition and retention? 7. How will you price TH? 8. How do you think SaleSoft’s organization structure will affect its ability to sell PROCEED or TH? Details of the Discussion Flow What is your plan? Do you plan

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