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1. In this weekly research paper, describe your most memorable experience with a salesperson that was positive and made you feel comfortable. My most positive and memorable experience with a salesperson is when I bought my first car. At the time I had very little down payment and my credit was not the best for a new vehicle. The salesperson understood my needs for a vehicle and the importance of having a vehicle to get to work on a daily basis. I needed something reliable and would be good on gas because I drove quit a distance for work. My mother went with me to the dealership because I would need a co-signer for a loan. He showed me a few cars and we decided on one finally that would fit my needs. When we went to getting the loan it…show more content…
3. In comparing the two experiences, answer the following questions. In reflecting on the positive experience, what one thing about the experience made you feel good about it? Why? What made me feel good about the positive experience was that the dealership was looking out for my best interest and worked hard for what I needed. He was catering to my needs on a personal level and wasn’t just trying to sale me a product that didn’t benefit me. Showing that he cared and not to push a big ticket item on me was very positive. I know most dealerships do manipulate customers into buying things that they don’t need but my experience wasn’t just a commission. 4. In reflecting on the unpleasant experience, what’s one thing about the experience made you feel uncomfortable about it? Why? The idea of pushing a sale onto someone when they really don’t need it is very uncomfortable and off-putting. It’s like the sales associate doesn’t care about the needs of others but the need to sale something. How they think it’s a positive experience is beyond me and it leaves a negative impact on the company. In the future I would shop somewhere else instead of going back because I like shopping where the sales associate does not overwhelm me. Consider what you do for work on a day-to-day basis. Given what you do, do you consider yourself to be some form or fashion of a
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