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To: Prof. Chalmers From: Travis Ramme and Meghan Smith Date: April 26th, 2007 Re: Ms. Chalmers’ Compensation Choices 1. Ignoring taxation and other constraints, Ms. Jameson is better off taking the options. The stock currently trading at $18.75 and the exercise price is $35. This may seem drastically far away. However, 5 year T-Bill rates are currently at 6.02%. Combined with a current stock volatility of approximately 42%, this allows each option to be valued at approximately $4.93. At this amount, Ms. Jameson’s options would be presently worth $14,790 were she to sell them. Where she to hold them instead, Ms. Jameson’s potential upside is limitless. Her possible gains would be equal to her number of options…show more content…
Employees would be given successive stock options to promote their care for the company without feeling as though they are being forced to stay with the organization. This set up of granting stock options would also help to encourage performance of employees to lead to both the short and long term success of the firm. 4. If Ms. Jameson decided that the option was a better deal, but was concerned with being too committed and reliant on the fortunes of Telstar, she could modify her compensation package to better suit her individual needs. Ms. Jameson would be taking considerable risk by keeping all of her bonus in Telstar for stock options with such a lengthy expiration date and also due to the historical data of Telstar showing that only stock prices reached $35 (the exercise price) only once. Instead of holding on to all 3,000 issued stock options, Ms. Jameson could keep a portion of the stock options and trade some in the market. Keeping some Telstar stock options would help keep her tied to the company without making her feel that she is bound to the company for the next five years or that she is facing enormous risk of losing her bonus altogether. By doing this, Ms. Jameson would provide herself with the opportunity to make investments outside of Telstar, and thus, better diversify her
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