Essay on Sally Ride

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Sally Ride was an American Astrophysicist and an astronaut. In 1978, Sally Ride joined NASA. One of the most prestigious jobs you can acquire in this world. She was a very intelligent woman, who worked very hard for the life she earned. Ride had considered a career in professional tennis; she was an amazing athlete. Especially when it came to tennis, which was her favorite sport. She decided that a career of being an astronaut would take her much farther in life than a short-lived career as a tennis player. Ride was one of six women first allowed into the astronaut program at NASA. The reason women were finally let in was because of all of the women’s rights movements. Sally ride was setting a huge example for women everywhere. She…show more content…
She also created and was the first Director of NASA’s Office of Exploration. When she completed her investigation, she was sent to Washington D.C, for long-range planning. After the incident, Ride produced a report entitled, “Leadership and America’s Future in Space.” (Ride). After Dr. Ride left NASA, she became a teacher; a professor actually. She wanted to make sure that students knew and got to love space just as much, if not more, as she did. As a Physics professor, in 1989 Ride joined the faculty at the University of California, San Diego. She is also the Director of the California Space Institute at the university. Ride’s favorite subjects were always science and math, making NASA and teaching perfect careers for her; something she loved to do day in and out. Ride went on to write several books, a couple of them being aimed towards children. She wanted people to hear her side of the story -not often told- the part seen from space. She wrote to children to get them interested in learning about the solar system and beyond. She wrote to adults for entertainment and to share her story to show the world and beyond. She wanted to share the “woman’s side of space.” Sally believes that one day children could go into space, but it might take a while because children in outer space would require patience and discipline, the children would have to listen to everything that they are told. They would also have to know what to do in case something were to ever
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