Salman Ahmad Najmi For Medical Admission Program

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It is true pleasure for me to write this reference letter and recommending Mr. Salman Ahmad Najmi for medical admission program. I know Mr. Salman for last 6 years when he joined a logistic company as health officer, where I was supervising a project on health and safety protocols for the employees. Mr. Salman is highly educated, well-organized, and well-committed person. During his 2 year of stay in the company, the most important attribute observed in Mr. Salman was punctuality. The second attribute observed was his independence and working with less supervision. He was quick learner and showed great attention to detail. After joining, when I gave him the orientation about his role and duties, he took initiative to online search the…show more content…
Knowing this, he effectively managed his assignments according to their importance, and came out with flying colors at the end. His self-confidence and strong determination to get the things done on time played a vital role in developing and mastering these skills. Mr. Salman also possessed strong interpersonal and leadership skills. When he interacted with his fellow workers in order to get inputs on assigned tasks with tight deadlines, and if they were unable to do so, he never got panic, rather he listened to them carefully, discussed the gaps and their issues in the work and offered possible solutions to finish pending works. These situations he encountered with many times during his stay, but he every time remained composed with himself and that confirmed his maturity, persistence and profound negotiation and problem solving skills. Together with his professional attributes, Mr. Salman was highly motivated and passionate about helping the people, especially when it came to their health problems. One day, one of our senior co-worker felt severe chest pain and discomfort near end of the day. Salman immediately took him to a nearby hospital in his own car and stayed in emergency for long hours until that gentleman was released from the hospital. He remained in touch with him and enquired off and on about his recovery until he resumed the office. Everyone in the office really admired his empathetic nature. Mr. Salman
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