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This Paper is about E.Coli bacteria,this paper will be interesting because it will give all the information you need. E.Coli is a bacteria that is commonly found in humans and animals.This disease can be found in your food and can be very dangerous by causing infection in your urinary system and can harm your kidneys but and can be treated easily.
E.coli is a bacteria that inhabits the intestine of animals and humans, some E.coli strains are harmless and other strains can cause you to get really sick. If the E.coli spreads outside the intestine it can cause infections in the urinary system which can harm the bladder,kidneys. Other
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E.Coli usually last 5 to 10 days,the people with mild symptoms recover on their own without any treatment. E.Coli can be spread by eating contaminated food,uncooked hamburger ,swallowing recreational water like rivers,ponds,swimming pools,water park fountains.(Minnesota Department of Health 2009) Medical Management
The treatments for E.Coli illness no treatments can cure the infection,relieve signs. Doctor might recommend resting,fluids to help prevent dehydration and fatigue. They don 't really subscribe antibiotics because they increase the risk of serious complications.Stay away of taking a anti diarrheal medication because it can slow your digestive system down. It can prevent your body from getting rid of toxins.If the E.Coli infection is severe and has caused you hemolytic uremic syndrome you will be put in a hospital and taken care of (Mayo Clinic 2015).After being diagnosed with E Coli one should stay away from high protein foods such as red meat. Because E.coli has no cure all the doctors can do is recommend to stay away from other people and

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