Essay about Salomon Elliot Asch's Conformity Experiment

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Conformity is when one would yield their own opinions or actions to appeal to those surrounding them. Sometimes people may conform to match their environment without being aware of their actions. Humans feel pressured in society to change their beliefs to fit in and not be the oddball one out. This is seen in many different environments. For example, in schools if multiple people agree with something, others would start to change their answers to match the group because they do not want to feel rejected. When being the only participant in the experiment, one would feel weird, hesitant, or intimidated to disagree with the group; however, if one were to have another participant alongside them, they would feel a great amount of…show more content…
When the participant is alone, they react as they are supposed to in a fire, they evacuate rapidly, some even left their belongings behind. When people are in a group of four or more confederates that do not react to the smoke or even seem oblivious to it, the participants do not react to the smoke like the confederates. Instead they react to the lack of reaction by staring at the confederates, waiting for some sort of reassurance and when they do not receive anything, they continue to do their work.
This experiment is to test to see if participants would conform to the actions of the confederates. It is a reenactment of the “Asch Line Conformity Experiment” where the participants will be challenged to follow their intuition rather than follow the status quo. The hypothesis is that students taking part in this study at BHSECQ would conform to the groups’ answers and disregard their own.

Methods The experiment is disguised as a “visionary experiment.” BHSECQ is the set location of the study because it admits an abundant amount of students willing to participate in various studies. Students were mostly selected at random. The students selected were willing students who were free at the time. There was some variables taken into considerations like: age, and knowledge of the experiment. The participants and confederates do not need
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