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I am writing this letter to recommend Salomon Lopez for admission into the master’s program at your university. I worked with Salomon 2 years ago at Operation Blessing International in San Pedro Sula Honduras; our work there involved the use of cyclopoid Mesocyclops Longisetus, a small crustacean, that fed on first instar container breeder Aedes mosquito larvae. The project was aimed to help control Aedes larvae in wells, tires, and containers in Monte Verde, a small town with a population of 1438. Men, women, pregnant women, and children were infected with Zika. Salomon was instrumental with helping the researchers to help fight the spread of Zika and dengue. Salomon’s humanitarian work stretches far beyond the town of Monte Verde. His love and dedication extended to individuals living in isolated parts of Honduras. Salomon has gone beyond the call of duty to provide medical treatments to the people living in the foothills and towns surrounding Honduras. He would go to those who couldn’t get to a doctor’s office and were not able to pay for services.…show more content…
He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of study, deeply kind, compassionate and loving in his treatment and respect of others. I believe Salomon will continue assisting those less fortunate by dedicating his time expertise to those in need of medical attention in his country. I highly recommend Mr. Salomon Lopez to the master’s program. If you have any questions regarding Mr. Lopez, please contact me
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