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I am from Colombia, where dancing is part of our culture. In Colombia each state has a month where festivals take place. In these types of festivals there is food, music and a lot dancing. As mentioned in class dancing is ceremonial in these types of festivals. Our typical dance for Colombians is Cumbia. According to Discover Colombia, Cumbia brings together three cultures which are Africa, Indigenous and European. Discover Colombia mentions that Cumbia was born from a cultural mix of black and indigenous backgrounds, but the music and dance became very popular in the 1950’s in Colombia. Another typical dance for my culture is Salsa. According to Colombia reports the history of the typical Cali salsa began in the 1930s. This website also states…show more content…
My family would constantly tell me, “I cannot believe salsa is not in your blood”. Even though I had many reasons to give up I still loved salsa and eventually I was able to get good at it. Now, as a young adult I am able to dance and enjoy salsa with my family. Zumba also got me into dancing. Zumba helped me see dancing in a different way. It has showed me the true meaning of dancing and has been very therapeutic for me. The first time I went to a Zumba class I was sixteen years old. During Zumba, I noticed how happy I was while dancing. It helped me forget about most of my problems. My Zumba instructor had a positive energy that was felt throughout the room. During that time, I wanted to become an instructor and have that much motivation in dancing. Losing weight is another positive outcome that Zumba brings. I was going to a Zumba class everyday for a year straight until one day I dislocated my knee. Ever since that day, I still like to dance Zumba but I am more cautious for a fear that I will dislocate my knee again. In the end, dancing has always been a big part of my life, especially being from a country where dancing is part of the
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