Salt Water Desalination

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Water issues are big concern for every living thing on the planet. As the worlds population grows and the demand of products increase, industries are growing too. This demand on the worlds recourses especially water is becoming an issue. Around two percent of the worlds water is drinkable with much being locked up in glaciers. Moving water to places in need is a common practice, but this dose not make more drinking water. While salt water is easily accessible we can not consume it. The water must be processed with the salt being removed.
The process of desalination has been around for a very long time Greek sailors use to evaporate the salt water capturing the vapors and drinking the condensation of the newly filtered water. This creates new
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The filters are made out of polyamide a cheap but not durable filter. Polyamide is and affordable filter but it wares out quickly, along with it easily breaking down and it degrades when chemicals such as chlorine which has to be removed from the water before filtering and then added back in again. This make for an extra process which leads to greater cost.
Thousands of desalinization plants (over 1800) are worldwide the process is costly and consumes quite a bit of energy too. Just 1 percent of the worlds drinking water comes from the process. Many scientist are trying to develop new ways to produce fresh water. One group is making a prototype that uses graphene oxide this filter cost 4x as much but will allow the water to pass through the filter with less pressure and will not degrade with chemicals. This eliminates the need for extra chemical processes and takes less energy to run due to a reduced need to
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A scientist named used Jia Zhu wants to use a process much like the Greeks use of evaporation. Zhu wants to use a low impact process that takes advantage of the sun. This requires the use of aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide gets the water to heat up and evaporate without boiling. This process uses minimal impact on the environment and can be portable. Zhu states that the much needed minerals in the water are lost in the process to health issues can arise, but the water can be used for crops as well as for human and animal consumption.
Along with the desalination of water the article touches of the idea of floating green houses that use desalination to water the crops while floating off land though completely theatrical the idea allows for land to be freed up from agriculture and plants having immediate access
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