Salt Water vs Fresh Water

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Salt Water or Fresh Water, Which Would You Prefer? Many people wonder, what big differences are between salt water and fresh water? Is it just water with salt versus water without salt? Those are some common questions people have. Most people ask about the differences, but they forget about the similarities of salt water and fresh water, as well. Did you know that Salt water and fresh water have very different plant and animal life? There are also a few complex fish that can live in both salt water and fresh water. Salt water and fresh water actually have some similarities along with many differences besides salt. Some of the chemical properties are the same between salt water and fresh water. Salt water and fresh water…show more content…
Fresh water also contains some interesting fish, although most don’t seem as colorful as salt water fish. Archerfish are a type of tropical fish. Blue gill are part of the sun fish family. Crappie is a common fish that are also related to the sun fish and perch family. Darter fish are small and related to the perch family as well. Sunfish and perch are both families of fresh water fish that include many species (Animal Planet). Minnows are not considered to be one specific species, but are considered to be around 300 species. One unique fish, the lungfish, is interesting because of its ability to breathe through lungs as well as gills. Piranhas are fish widely known for how mean and aggressive they can be. One of the largest freshwater fish is the Pirarucu (Animal Planet). Pirarucu fish can get as big as ten feet long and 485 pounds (Britannica). Male swordtail fish are known for their intriguing spike on their tail. More creatures that live in fresh water are white fish, blind fish, bowfin, black fish, tench, buffalo fish, climbing perch and many more (Animal Planet)! For protection and food, plant life is necessary for these organisms. There are many interesting plants that live in salt water. These plants are very important for the life in the ocean as well as the ocean. Algae come in a variety of colors and are the largest group of plants in the sea. Algae are food for many sea creatures. It grows in strips and has been known to reach
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