Salt in Moderation is Good for the Body

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It helps with certain stomach acids, maintains the balance of fluids, helps in transmitting nerve impulses, and helps muscle control. The kidneys balance the amount of salt stored by the body for optimum health. If, however, too much sodium is stored in the body, and the kidneys cannot get rid of it properly; it will cause serious health complications.

Over use of table salt contributes leads to retaining fluid in the body, which in turn contributes to high blood pressure and heart disease. These are only some of the complications occurring with overuse of salt. Brittle bones and kidney disease are other examples of consuming too much salt.

The average person needs only 1,500 mg of salt in their daily diet but consumes 3,500 mg of salt or more every day. Some people do not realize that processed foods and fast foods are very high in salt and salt additives. For example, pizza, and cold cuts, bacon, and even bread contain high amounts of salt. Some natural foods contain salt like vegetables and dairy products. Using table salt for cooking and flavoring foods can have as mc as 1,000 mg of salt in one tablespoon of soy sauce and other condiments, which are added after cooking. Using sea salt together with different herbs and spices help lower amount of salt consumed every day and, by using herbs and spices to substitute salt completely, one can develop better flavor. Natural herbs have many health benefits. Take…
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