Saltwater Intrusion Into Freshwater Habitats

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"Saltwater intrusion into freshwater habitats may significantly alter ecosystem-level dynamics. Saltwater intrusion derives from human interventions (damming rivers; freshwater diversion; etc.) and natural variability (droughts or increases in sea level).(Joye,s)"1As stated in these two sentences from Samantha B. Joye in her research about Saline intrusion, it is a growing phenomenon because of many different factors. In the growing future, if we don 't find a way to stop or slow down the growing intrusion then it could affect everything around us. As stated by Molly Webster, "Salinization on the coast, also called saline intrusion, is the increase of sodium ions in soil and water. This is an important process because salt level affects osmosis, the process by which some organisms, such as plants, take up or give away water. As the number of salt ions in the surrounding environment increase, water will naturally flow out of an organism toward the greater concentration of particles, causing dehydration and death."2 The history behind saline intrusion has been around since the 1800 's but ever since the discovery of global warming and that it is slowly melting the polar ice caps causing the fresh water to mix in with the salt water has it been emphasized. Since the fresh water cannot be recovered once it is in the saltiness of the ocean, it is increasing the ocean level and is allowing salted water to impact coastal areas. Since the coastal area is not used to the
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