Salva In A Long Walk To Water Essay

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Factors that made survival possible for Salva in a long walk to water were family/friends,helpful people, and basic needs. These factors made survival possible for him since his family and friends he met had motivated him to continue on his journey, helpful people were the most helpful on the journey they may have gave him something that was the most useful,and basic needs were the most important things but were the things everyone needed to have such as a gourd which was a simple but an important product to carry water. One of the factors is family and friends this is about how Salvas family/friends motivate him to continue walking to live and survive to continue his adventure during the war. According to the text ( A long…show more content…
According to the text,( A long walk to water), it states “The old woman gave salva a bag of peanuts and a gourd for drinking water. He thanked her and said goodbye.”Pg 22. In other words, it shows that even though he old women was leaving him she gave him two important items that she knew would be helpful on the journey or way which were peanuts and a gourd to eat and to carry water in and if would have not gave him that gourd he would have not been able to save the water to drink it when needed. Furthermore,it states “ None of the travelers had money or anything of value to trade, so they had to beg for food. The exception was uncle: the fishermen gave him food without having to be asked.”Pg 47. Therefore,it shows that since the group had nothing much valuable they couldn’t trade and started begging for food but when the fishermen saw them he gave uncle the fish which shows that they had helped them and salva by giving them
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