Salvador Dali Impact On Society

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The influence of surrealist art on society on the past centuries has been powerful, and artists like Salvador Dali contributed a lot to this form of art, in this research paper I piece together the career and life then by focusing on one of his remarkable artworks and trying to analyze it and how it affected the target audience of the culture and society and for all these topics which makes the main questions in my research paper I did a research to know more about them so that I can be able to link them together and understands how they affected the society.(1) Brief description: Salvador Dali is one of the best know controversial artists in the 20th century and he is a surrealist artist, he was born with a high sense of humor. Dali was…show more content…
In 1930 (Editors) Dali switched to a more academic style and one year later Dali drew his most known piece of work “The persistence of memory” which is also known as the melting clocks, this painting was hardly to explain or get the meaning out of it. In the painting there are four clocks which appears to be melting in a widely open desert. When the painting first was completed by Dali, experts tried to explain what did it mean, why these watches are melting and why they are in the middle of the desert. Many different ideas and explanations were made but the most controversial idea was that the melting clocks were somehow connected with Einstein's theory of relativity but in my own personal opinion I interpret this artwork as a way of Salvador to try to capture the time and existence in one place and one occasion because of a pressing need of his own nature that motivates him to do so as artist.(3) My analysis: My analysis of how successful and how did this artwork affect the society and culture as its target
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