Salvador Dali Museum

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The Museum that I chose to visit is the Salvador Dali Museum in Saint Petersburg Florida. My first initial reaction to the museum was amazed of how beautiful the location is. At the museum you have the opportunity to take a tour with a tour guide or take your own route to view. I took the tour, which took us through the different stages of Dali’s work. The Development Stage, Surrealist Stage, and Classical period. At first as I was taking the tour I was just viewing the different pieces, however it wasn't until I walked the museum on my own that I really connected with the museum. "One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams." I had the privilege to…show more content…
Although his brother passed away as a toddler two years of age, nine months before Dali was born, that tragic lost to his family followed him into his adulthood. Dali was named after his father, however shared the same first name of his dead brother. At the age of 59, Dali created this piece to express his separation of himself from his brother. Dali viewed his brother of being the first version of him, they may have had the same "facial morphology of a genius" he felt as if they were two drops of water with different reflections. Within this piece Color, Value, and Form are a few elements that stand out. In this painting the face emerges from a darker tone to a lighter tone, which represents value. He uses dots to create the shape of the face of the portrait, both darker and lighter. The darker tone cherries of the painting is a representation of his dead brother, which compliments the mood of sadness, and the lighter tone of cherries represents him still being alive. His color choice of browns, creams, and…show more content…
In the painting there is a man with a very large mustache, a broad chest with slender arms. The head of the man is down with no ears, the man is bald but when looking at the head you can obviously see two, what looks to be memories is the head of the man in this painting. The face of the man looks as though the reaction of the face is that of a disappointed look of some sort. During observation of this painting, I see that the painting was done in a calculated manner, depicting this about his father, who Dali did not have a good relationship with through his adulthood. It was said that although Dali and his father had a falling out after Dali's father banned him from the family and eventually cutting Dali out of his will for having relations with Gala, a married woman. Although Dali and his father were complete opposite, Dali being tall, slender and timid while his father being short and of stocky weight and very outspoken. Dali's father however was very supportive is his son's interest in painting and encouraged his son's talent. The Average Bureaucrat shows feeling, it can educate you of how Dali personally viewed his father and also how he memorialized his father as well. While the man in the picture shows to have no ears, which meant the man in the painting could not hear anything from the world around him. Dali's father was extremely concerned
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