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Word Count: 1283 Salvador Dali Museum The Salvador Dali museum was founded by Dali’s leading collectors, Reynolds and Eleanor Morse. They were not only friends of Dali but also private collectors of his work. The couple stored the collection in their home for a long period of time, the even agreed to loan two hundred pieces to a “New York Dali retrospective” before finally deciding to give the collection a permanent home. Dali encouraged the couple to build a museum in New York, although they thought this was a wonderful idea they still kept searching. One of their goals for the collection was to preserve the collections historical integrity. When word reached St. Petersburg, attorney, James W. Martin worked quickly to persuade…show more content…
It includes the Impressionist and Cubist styles of his early period, abstract work from his transition to Surrealism, and covers the religious and scientific themes of his classic period. Salvador Dali was born into a middle class family on May 11th 1904 in Figures, Spain. During his lifetime, he was an eccentric painter, writer, sculptor and experimental film maker. In Dali’s early years of painting he experimented at first with landscapes, most of which were of his home in Figueres, Spain. Dali also made paintings of the surrounding area of his family’s summer home, in the seaside town of Cadaques. Dali’s transitional period was between 1927 and 1929, these were years of experimentation. In this period gravel, rocks, cork, and other materials can be noted on his canvases. This was more abstract period then others, at this time in Dali’s life he had just been kicked out of the art school he had been attending . As Dali moved into his Surrealist years he became more interested in psychology and exploring his own fears and fantasies. Dali’s Surrealist period last from 1929-1940, in which years he joined the Surrealist Movement, and shortly after became a leader in this movement. In order to bring images from his “subconscious mind”, Dali began to use a method to find inspiration for his art; he would induce hallucinatory states in himself. As his work matured, and his fame grew

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