Salvador Dali and Alex Andreev's Success in Manipulating Their Audience's Reality

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Altering reality can be done, mentally, physically, or emotionally, it is changing what you see, hear, feel or believe is real. Because altering reality can be created in so many ways artists from the turn of the 20th century have been altering reality in magnificent art works, telling the untold, speaking the unspeakable and transferring the viewer to a mythical imaginable universe where anything can happen. They created a way to escape the real world, to pretend that the world was a nice place, so that society would relax or have somewhere to go to feel peaceful. Two amazing and well-known artists that alter reality are Salvador Dali and Alex Andreev. Dali’s well known surrealism art works appeared in the late 1920’s and are iconic for this period. Hegelian Dialectic said that “Surrealism would advocate the idea that ordinary and depictive expressions are vital and important, but that the sense of their arrangement must be open to the full range of imagination.” (Ades, D, 2001) Andreev’s art works are a contemporary twist on surrealism and are contrastingly bright and energetic. Both are successful in altering reality as they manipulate the audience’s reality physically and mentally as they use out of place objects, mentally impossible themes and intriguing meanings. After WWII many people had no art or literature of any sorts that was not purely educational, the people craved for something to ease their minds from the sorrow and suffering and reality of war. The
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