Essay about Salvador Dali's Work

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Salvador Dali's Work Salvador Dali's creativity allowed him the freedom to be who he wanted to be, the same is true in American culture today. Dali's excellence in draftsmanship, accessibility of imagery from the unconscious, and master of self-publicity all resulted in unimaginable fame. Dali was born in Figueras, a northern Spanish provinceof Cataloniain May of 1904; Dali began his life within a middle-class family. He joined the Surrealist movement during the summer of 1929, however with much reserve because he shared little of their political and religious affiliations of atheism and Marxism politics, in addition to ties with the Communist Party. He remained true to his beliefs was expelled…show more content…
Consequently Dali's life was full of contradictions and his affiliation with the Surrealists remains one of them. The leaders of the movement, such as French poet Andre Brenton, were disgusted Dali for painting pictures of Hitler and further nazi subjects; but to top it off, he formed an insulting painting of Lenin, whom they put on a pedestal. After being expelled from the group, Dali continued showing works with the Surrealists, as Brenton and Thirion, two major leaders of the group expressed they needed him for the survival of their movement because his new methods had transformed the Surrealists and their art. However he was also continually transforming and moved into his classic period, and becoming more famous everyday. His appearance and the publicity he gained in America all landed him in an abundance of wealth, and he lived accordingly, many times referring to himself as a snob, however Dali had inadvertently pulled himself from a middle-class standing in Spanish society to the upper-class in America of artists and writers, making a living off
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