Salvador: The Land Of Volcanoes Inocentes

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Being the smallest Central American country; El Salvador still holds a lot of culture and diversity to distinguish it from the rest. With a smaller land mass than Massachusetts this mountainous county is surrounded west by Guatemala and north by Honduras. Since their land is largely covered by volcanoes hence comes the nickname the Land of Volcanoes, also for the reason that they undergo frequent earthquakes and volcanic activity through the year. However not all their land is taken over by volcanoes, many of their forests have been cut down to be made into coffee plantation and to build homes. Coffee is one of Salvador’s main agricultural product, many families build homes on their coffee plantations. Although most of Salvador is highly tropical…show more content…
Salvador’s civil war is often over looked, because the independence for other contrives aside from Americans are often not glorified. However, it’s important to always understand the hardship and leadership of a country. During the 1980’s Salvador was fighting for their independence, this war brought out the truth over the inequality happening in Salvador. The wealthy elite people controlled most of the decisions being ran, while the poor lived as peasants without housing, or water. The film “Voces Inocentes” captures the war through a young kids eyes, at age 13 boys were drafted into the war and then brainwashed to become killing machines. No mercy is spaced on women, children, or the disabled, if someone even was just at the wrong area at the wrong time their life was not spared. This war was to be bloodies Salvador would ever be facing, the movie interprets many other political issues happening at the time for example how corrupt the government was at the time and the lack of leadership they had other their country. Although the war lasted for longer than anyone would of wanted, out came out a better for of government, social stand and moral
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