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FAMU 2012 Freshman Summer Reading Writing Assignment
Dijona Brishae’ Clemons
August 20, 2012 2. Compare the portrayal of Katrina in Salvage the Bones to what you saw of the hurricane in the news. Which aspect of the storm’s devastation does this novel bring to life? What does Esch’s perspective add to your understanding of Katrina’s impact?

When analyzing the horror of Katrina within Ward’s novel Salvage the Bones and the actual catastrophe that was broadcasted throughout the media, readers are able understand its true impact. It seems as though Ward brought to light the realness and severity of Katrina rather than just restate the obvious. Ward’s writing is a perfect storytelling of the event— filled
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As the two dogs tied the battle, altercation between Skeetah and Manny arose as to who won the battle. Not to mention that the entire cause of the occasion was to a confrontation that had taken place beforehand at Randall’s basketball game. When daddy loses his fingers during the exact time frame of China killing her own puppy, intense emotions arose within me. The scene was a vivid surprise and seems to have even been a foreshadow of how shocking the arrival of Katrina was to the citizens of Bois Sauvage. These violent scenes create suspense of fear and sympathy for the characters in the story all the way up until the last horrifying event. Also, by adding these scenes Ward is able to anticipate the arrival of hurricane Katrina. Allowing readers to ponder upon how these characters are going to come together when Katrina arrives. These scenes also distract the reader from the obvious that a storm is on its way; however the characters within the novel seem to be disregarding it. When the storm finally hits readers are able to clearly see how the family sets aside almost every brutality to save each other’s lives. This is where the tenderness of the characters persona’s come in to play. In other words, although Ward wanted to place scenes of intensity within her novel, it is perceived to be that she did so with a mindset to build up to a mind boggling ending. With all the violence and chaos throughout the story it humbles the
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