Salvation Essay

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Salvation Living in a country where we are entitled to freedom of religion, many of us have grown to have our own beliefs and ways of viewing religion on a whole. There are others who have been pressured by family or friends to believe in God and him alone. Sometimes with the pressure of others, we can begin to believe in something that we truly do not feel is right. In the essay “Salvation” by Langston Hughes, the main character faces a struggle of wanting to be saved by God. Does he want to be saved for his sake? Or has his salvation been influenced and forced upon by family members? Our main character and narrator in “Salvation” goes by the name of Langston. Langston attends church with his aunt and desires salvation from Jesus…show more content…
Another idea that came about after reading this essay was peer pressure. How strong is peer pressure? In this essay we see that Langston may have not gotten up and went to the altar if it wasn’t for his fellow peer Westley. Westley, who he knows did not see the light nor feel something happen to him inside, marched up to the altar after realizing him and Langston were the only two children left awaiting salvation. The pressure Langston felt of being the only child on the bench, also made him get up and pretend to be saved and see Jesus. Langston’s act in church backfired when he got home and realized what he had done. He lied to his aunt and the people of the church, he cried and regretted what he had done earlier. In a way this could be the beginning of his salvation where he has acknowledged his wrong doings and wants to be someone better. Peer pressure runs throughout all different fields in life. We see here in this essay that even your religion can be forced on by another person. Its makes us question if we really have this so-called freedom of religion because you are sometimes looked down upon if you don’t believe in Christ. Langston had his whole life ahead of him to choose what direction he wanted to go in, we must learn to live for ourselves and not other
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