Salvation : Truth Or Myth?

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Salvation: Truth or Myth
Without belief in God the Savior it is not possible to have salvation from the grips of death. God promises eternal life if we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. There are those who believe in idols as gods and give sacrifices to those gods to be spared from the wrath of those gods. Also there are those who believe in scientific evidence alone without a creator or savior. Two authors who write about religion are Langston Hughes short story “Salvation, and Margaret Mead, “New Superstitions for Old”.
It is important to acknowledge and recognize the relationship between salvation and a belief in God. Salvation comes from first having a belief in God and then accepting him as your Lord and Savior.
Most Christians believe that salvation is being freed from eternal damnation. Hughes had the belief that was instilled by his aunt, which was “My aunt told me that when you were saved you saw a light, and something happened to you inside! And Jesus came into your life! And God was with you from then on!”(Hughes 119). Unlike his aunt Hughes did not experience salvation the way she described to him that he would, and therefore believed that he was not saved. Hughes friend Westley didn’t believe either, when he said “God Damn! I’m tired o’ sitting here. Lets get up and be saved.”(Hughes 119). Westley and Hughes both gave into peer pressure from the church body and went to the alter thinking that was all they had to do to receive salvation. Hughes actions have a
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