Salvery in the United States

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Slavery itself was initially never present in the western civilization when the first settlers emerged from Virginia in the early 17th century. The need for slavery was driven by large quantities of labor, which has been exhibited in different parts of the world. For centuries the Greeks and Romans enslaved prisoners of war, criminals, and among others who fought against authority. In those societies, however, enslavement was a form of punishment and not methods of racial prejudice. Slaves could be free after they had successfully completed a period of servitude; they could eventually rise to a position of higher ranking within the same society that had once enslaved them. This practice of manipulating people for servitude was later introduced in the early 17th century to English colonies that settled in Virginia in the name of their King were facing almost immeasurable amounts of problems beginning a brand new colony. The supply of indentured servants was largely declining, and where no longer sufficient enough to maintain the plantation that was indispensable for not only economic stability, but for survival. However, a seemingly solution to their problems was finding its way across the Atlantic and headed towards the struggling colony of Virginia. In 1619, a Dutch ship that contained about 20 enslaved Africans came across the colonists of Jamestown, Virginia. The inhumane living conditions that the Africans were but under is depicted by John Barbot, who was an agent for
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