Salvinia Moleta Research Papers

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Salvinia Molesta is a free-floating fern that is an invasive specie that is located in most of America and reproduces by sporocarps so it is believed that the plat reproduces asexually (McFarland, Nelson, Grodowitz, Smart, Owens 2004). S. molesta spreads by rhizomatous colonies which can be spread by boats from one location that contains the invasive specie to a new location (McFarland et al. 2004). Salvinia molesta is successful at spreading from one location to another by its tolerance to environmental factors that cause stress. If conditions are stable and correct then the invasive specie can double its size within two days (McFarland et al. 2004). In return, the invasive specie decrease the native plant growth, water quality, and aquatic
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