Sam Houston Bibliography : Texas Government

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Sam Houston Bibliography: Texas Government Many books have been written about the famous Texan Samuel Houston, better known as just Sam Houston. He was born on March 2nd 1793, just outside of Lexington, Virginia to his father, Samuel Houston, who was a veteran of the Revolutionary war, and his mother, Elizabeth Paxton. Sam had four older brothers and when he was three his brother William was born, James (1929). A year after that the first girl in his family was born named Mary. Mary was Sam’s favorite. Sam’s father, then Major Sam Houston, died when he was thirteen years old and less than a year later his mother moved the family to Tennessee. When Sam was fifteen years old in 1809 he ran away from home because his older brothers were forcing him to work in the family owned store in Maryville, James (1929), and spent three years living amongst the Cherokee Indians who adopted him and dubbed him Colonneh, which translates to “the Raven”. After his experience with the Indians Houston retained a consistent empathetic view toward Indians. After war erupted between the Americans and the British, Houston joined the United States Army in 1813 as a twenty year old private. His mother’s response according to DeBruhl, (1993), “There, my son, take this musket and never disgrace it: for remember, I had rather all my sons should fill one honorable grave, than that one of them should turn his back to save his life. Go, and remember, too, that while the door of my cottage is open to brave
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