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Sam Patch: The Famous Jumper “Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper,” by Paul E. Johnson for Alice Styles Johnson. Paul E Johnson was a professor of history with many degrees, B.A, M.A, And Ph.D. he is a professor of history at the University of South Caroline. Johnson. Also, author of A Shopkeeper’s Millennium, and coauthor of the Kingdom of Matthias. Sam Patch was known for being a reckless, drunken person who jumps off of waterfalls with the company of a bear. This book does not just mention how become famous and how others were entertained with what he did but also shows how America was during the Early republic era. Sam Patch grew up in a town in Rhode Island known as Pawtucket. He was born around 1807 and as a child he worked in a mill with his family. He came from a history of farming and shoe making. “Pawtucket was becoming America’s first textile manufacturing town, and the Patches were one of the first mill families” (Johnson 3). Patch began jumping on this free time with his other friends that worked at the mills into the Blackstone River. They would amuse themselves and entertain others. Growing up patch moved to Paterson, New Jersey and worked in a cotton mill. This is where his jumping career really began, in September 1825 there was a new bridge being built over the Passaic Falls and it was about 80 ft above water. Many people would watch as the bridge was being built and Patch thought it would be a good time to take jump, doing so he hit the river and this caught the attention of many people and made him a celebrity. He continued to jump from the same place but would always challenge himself. One of his most famous jumps was the Niagara River he successfully jumped when many thought that it could not be possible. Sam Patch career ended in 1829 when he jumped the Genesee river in Rochester, New York, this was the second time he had made this jump but this time he didn’t come back to surface, his body was not found the day of the job, it took four months to find the corpse.
The author goes into detail about the dates and important people present during his existence. He mentions what was happening during that time and when certain things happened. For example, in the book he states “The Englishman

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