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Case Abstract This case discusses the entrepreneurial skills and visionary leadership of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. It examines his contribution in accelerating the growth of retailing industry. It explains how Walton transformed Wal-Mart, a start-up in the 1950s, into a multi-billion dollar global retailing industry giant. The case details the beliefs, philosophies and value system of Walton. After analyzing the case, I have found Sam Walton’s Visionary leadership, and the secret success story of the great leader. I can figure the leadership successfulness of Sam Walton’s by the below mentioned graphical way: The case examines the best practices initiated by Walton for Wal-Mart in providing excellent customer service, pricing…show more content…
To conserve energy, temperature controls are connected via computer to headquarters. Through these programs, Wal-Mart shows its concern for the community. 12) Bondage between the employees: Wal-Mart has been led from the top but run from the bottom; a strategy developed by Sam Walton and carried on by a small group of senior executives led by CEO David Glass. Although recent growth has led Wal-Mart to add more management layers, senior executives strive to maintain its unique culture. Question 2: How would you describe Sam Walton as an effective leader? What leadership theory is consistent with his leadership style? Answer to the question number 2: Introduction Sam Walton was born in March 1918 at Kingfisher, Oklahoma, US. After graduating in Economics from the University of Missouri in 1940, Walton joined the famous retailer, J C Penney, as a management trainee for $75 per month. In his first job, Walton displayed all the qualities of a good salesman. He realized the importance of building loyalty among customers as well as employees. Walton left his job in 1942 and served the US army during World War II. When the war ended, he decided to establish his own retail outlet. Walton purchased a store franchise from 'Ben Franklin' in Newport, Arkansas, in 1945. This is the beginning of the world’s biggest retails outlet, “WAL-MART” How he became an effective leader 1. Stick to fundamental values Sam Walton had

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